PM360 2019 Innovative Company Viseven


Oksana Matviienko, CMO

As a full-cycle digital solution provider with 10 years of expertise in developing content for the global pharma market, Viseven has ventured to offer more than just content to the industry. The nature of marketing cycles has changed as everyone now demands new content—personalized, visually appealing, and relevant. But this growing demand for new content is a challenge for the industry, slowing up the marketing processes due to endless development, editing, and rounds of review.

In order to improve this process, Viseven introduced a unique vision—COPE (Create Once – Publish Everywhere), providing pharma managers with the chance to forget about routine adaptations and endless customizations, and to design future-friendly content, connecting it across regions, channels, and systems. So instead of simply finding traditional ways to create more content faster, Viseven focused on how the content form itself could transcend regional or channel limitations.

The COPE approach is available within Viseven’s eWizard Platform, a multichannel content authoring solution integrated within other major platforms such as Veeva,, IQVIA, Adobe Experience Manager, etc. Through the platform, content is split into flexible cross-channel modules that are connected and available across the entire organization—depending on access management. Companies can then make Smart Updates in which all the changes that are made to the core module can be automatically applied across all available channels—eliminating repetitive manual work.

This process has shown the ability to assemble content 3x faster (from one month to 7 – 10 days), improve cost efficiency due to the current re-use rate across cycles of up to 25% for local materials, and increase performance because of outstanding commercial content quality and better adoption by the company’s sales representatives, as well as the end customers.


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