PM360 2019 Innovative Company Novocure


Ashley Cordova, Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations

Nearly two decades ago, Novocure’s founders created a different way to fight cancer. Today, they continue to deliver novel and patient-forward solutions designed to advance customized cancer care for patients, one patient at a time.

Novocure’s innovative cancer modality, Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields), is a unique approach to solid tumor treatment. TTFields are alternating electric fields applied at specific frequencies to help disrupt cancer cell division, inhibit tumor growth, and cause cancer cell death. Novocure’s wearable TTFields delivery system, Optune, is FDA approved for the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma (GBM) and the treatment of adult patients with newly diagnosed GBM in combination with temozolomide. In 2019, the company received a new indication for TTFields with approval of the NovoTTF-100L System for malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) under the Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE) pathway.

TTFields achieves optimal treatment effect when the delivery device is worn for more than 18 hours a day, and patients must shave where they apply the transducer arrays. The company offers patient support services and educational programs like the nCompass program, which even provides patients with support for traveling with TTFields. Through nCompass, Novocure also sends a Device Support Specialist (DSS) to each patient to help them start and maintain treatment, offering tips to help achieve treatment goals. Furthermore, in GBM, the company helps prospective patients and caregivers engage with current Optune patients and caregivers through the brand’s Buddy Program (which offers phone or videoconferencing interactions); virtual and live Optune Open House events; and one of the first branded Facebook Live events in the industry.

More than 13,000 patients with GBM have started treatment with Optune. And Novocure is conducting ongoing clinical trials for a variety of other solid tumors.


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