PM360 2019 Innovative Company Level Ex

Level Ex

Joe Marziani, SVP of Business Development

Level Ex develops industry-leading mobile, AR, and VR games for physicians who use video game technology and cognitive neuroscience to recreate the challenges of practicing medicine. Since its 2015 inception, Level Ex has expanded its user base to more than 500,000 healthcare professionals in the U.S., with three million in-game medical cases played last year.

Level Ex games help keep physicians up-to-date in their specialties by exposing them to new drug therapies, treatment options, medications’ mechanism of action, and best practices. In Level Ex’s games, players can navigate diagnosis scenarios, administer treatments, sharpen their clinical skills, and better understand how each decision they make impacts the virtual patient. Diagnosis and treatment levels—the most recent addition to Level Ex’s robust offerings—activate players’ strategic thinking and test their deductive reasoning abilities.

Capturing players’ focused attention for upwards of 10 minutes per app session, Level Ex games are extremely engaging. Therefore, eight out of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and three out of the top 10 medical device companies are working with Level Ex, including Merck, Baxter, Pfizer, Medtronic, and Philips. For example, Level Ex integrated Baxter’s Suprane into its Airway Ex app with a mini-game to boost physician confidence in dosing this perceived as difficult-to-dose anesthetic drug. In only three months, program engagement surpassed the majority of industry marketing initiatives.

Cases are developed alongside physicians for integrity and professional value. Physicians can also earn continuing medical education (CME) credits by playing select levels. To date, Level Ex has launched four games, available for free in the App Store and Google Play: Cardio Ex (cardiology), Airway Ex (anesthesiology), Gastro Ex (gastroenterology), and Pulm Ex (pulmonology). The company will branch into new specialties in 2020.


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