PM360 2019 Innovative Company inVibe Labs

inVibe Labs

Adam Kleger, Head of Client Solutions

When inVibe Labs launched in 2013, the company’s goal was to be an agile healthcare market research platform, eliminating the numerous friction points associated with traditional qualitative research. But they soon evolved into a company that could help organizations better understand their customers by analyzing their voice.

This transformation started when inVibe developed a novel, automated voice interview platform that was able to conduct dozens of interviews concurrently, without the need for a moderator.

inVibe quickly realized that these interviews contained a treasure trove of acoustic and linguistic data, and set out to develop an industry-first, speech-emotion recognition algorithm that could analyze the unique acoustic biomarkers found in those recorded interviews. The acoustic markers, as it turns out, can reveal (with a relatively high level of accuracy) a discrete set of emotions that underlie a person’s response to a specific question by scoring valence, arousal, and dominance—components of a well-established emotion classification framework that, up until now, has been difficult to put into practical action. These emotions, when assessed in combination with lexical analysis by expert linguists, helps unlock an entirely new layer of insights.

Now, inVibe is bringing the same innovation that transformed qualitative market research into the field of competitive intelligence. Launched in September, reCon allows companies to conduct virtual interviews, in real-time, with people attending important medical conferences. reCon enables companies to effectively and efficiently measure a physician’s excitement, disappointment, or frustration related to new research oftentimes released at these milestone events. By analyzing how multiple physicians respond to the same question, inVibe’s proprietary speech-emotion technology helps unlock previously impossible to capture insights, in real time.


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