PM360 2019 Innovative Company Intouch Group

Intouch Group

Justin Chase, EVP/Head, Innovation & Media

Solving pharma business challenges with innovative technologies and fresh thinking is woven into the fabric of “who” Intouch is, and 2019 has been a year filled with Intouch innovations.

Over the past year, Intouch launched an innovation platform called DIY (Driving Innovation Yourself) to engage the entire agency in solving real business challenges such as using AI in healthcare and treatments in established markets. The winning ideas from these challenges come from all parts of the agency and go through Intouch’s innovation management pipeline. For example, one winning idea was the With app, which collects and interprets patients’ personal data (via wearables, social media posts, calendars, and more) to understand their unique stressors and alert them when stress may be building.

Intouch has developed emotional support programs that leverage AI, AR, and VR, and for additional and more patient immediate support, the company created an AI-powered virtual-personality chatbot to answer questions 24/7, helping patients who have retinal diseases find resources and personally shepherding them to the right information and resources online.

Intouch also built a social intelligence platform using its AI engine, Cognitive Core. The platform helps clients understand trends for their brands and competitors online. The AI-powered system can perform social listening, competitive analysis, adverse event detection, sentiment analysis, influencer identification, and utilize state of the art AI technology to classify and derive insights from each particular patient and HCP population.

Among other things, Cognitive Core also provides the brains behind Intouch’s AI-powered SEO tool. It has been shown to save the company between 500 and 1,000 hours per year, allowing Intouch to be more efficient for clients, and reclaim time to do things like strategic thinking that “bots” can’t do.


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