PM360 2019 Innovative Company Human Care Systems

Human Care Systems

Justin Holley, VP Business Development

Human Care Systems (HCS) was founded in 2008 to help patients better manage complex diseases and therapies. HCS supports biopharma companies to optimize real-world use and outcomes from medicines through their technology platform, Resilix, and omnichannel nurses. Previously HCS used the CRM and discovered its critical shortcomings. The time and expense of configurations and data integrations with Salesforce significantly reduces speed and flexibility, and the data structure makes it hard to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences to patients and HCPs. To offer a better solution for patients, HCPs, and pharmaceutical companies, HCS decided in 2018 it was time to develop Resilix, the first and only platform built specifically to optimize the treatment experience.

Resilix is a patient engagement platform that provides omnichannel treatment support to patients and HCPs to maximize initiation, adherence, and persistence. Treatment Experience Nurses use Resilix to engage patients via phone, video, click-to-chat, SMS, and email to provide human touches that flawlessly integrate with rule-generated digital touches.

Resilix allows pharmaceutical companies to control the entire treatment experience including reimbursement, fulfillment, ongoing adherence, outcomes, and data collection from one platform. The power of Resilix comes from its user-centered design. Every interaction with Resilix for phone nurse, field, reimbursement, patient, caregiver, specialty pharmacy, and HCP is personalized and specifically relevant and actionable for the user/role.

Resilix provides a better solution for Patient Support:

  1. Predictive analytics and personalization of touchpoints to solve for all the major causes of non-initiation and fall-off.
  2. Fully configurable and easy to integrate with third parties (e.g., Hub, SP).
  3. Designed for compliance and operational excellence—privacy and security features are built-in.
  4. Purpose-built for Pharma Patient Services, providing control and optimization of patient touchpoints.


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