PM360 2019 Innovative Company AiCure


Mario R. Nacinovich, Jr., MSc, Global Head, Communications and Marketing,

Founded in 2010, AiCure is an AI and advanced data analytics company that uses AI to see, hear, and understand how people respond to treatment across clinical trials and patient care. Clinically proven to accurately measure and modify patient behavior, AiCure’s technologies keep patients engaged and optimized to treatment, as well as assessing treatment effectiveness.

Through their technology platform, AiCure identifies adherence patterns and variation in site and participant engagement, surfacing the opportunity to modify behaviors that increase compliance to improve the chances of overall trial success. Patients use a smartphone application to intuitively guide and confirm proper administration in real time. AiCure’s computer vision algorithms verify the correct participant is taking the right medication and confirms ingestion. The company, sponsors, and site staff also have access to dashboards with real-time, actionable, and predictive data, to improve decision making, facilitate timely interventions, and achieve greater clinical trial operational efficiencies.

AiCure continues to pursue growth in multiple directions. They are broadening the range of therapeutic areas and indications explored, including in cardiovascular medicine, CNS, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, oncology, and other diseases and subject areas. They are addressing more specific clinical trial scenarios, partnering with sponsors to develop approaches to both early- (e.g., PK, DDI studies) and late-stage (e.g., registrational) studies. They are also continuing to develop partnerships to create and validate novel digital biomarkers for a range of observable patient symptoms, such as tremor, fatigue, and changes in affect.

With their recently announced Series C fundraising round totaling $24.5 million, their priority is to continue to validate and expand their digital biomarker assessments, evaluating facial, verbal, speech, and movement variables to objectively study known clinical endpoints. Ideally, AiCure would like to quantify symptom progression and ultimately support personalized treatment for a patient based on their response.


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