PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Self-Promotion Winner Concentric Health Experience

“Make It Matter” (Concentric Health Experience)

Concentric Health Experience wanted to create a campaign that shows how the agency can create relationships that connect life-changing medicine with the people who need it most. A campaign that would demonstrate to others that Concentric Health Experience turns brands into positive health experiences—all through shared creative passion. A campaign that could properly represent how Concentric’s employees are inspired by the heart and soul (and the sweat) that go into the creation of life-changing treatments, as well as by the people whose lives are touched by them. Because that’s how Concentric succeeds in making medicine matter, ultimately making a difference for patients and customers alike.

The “Make It Matter” campaign focused on amplifying a personal story that would get people to stop and recognize the emotional truth behind the business of brand building—that making the medicine matter helps connect it with those who desperately need it. What resulted was a molecule coupled with a mantra: “You make the medicine. We make it matter.” The creative execution showcased different people, with different conditions, holding a molecule in their hands. Putting the science literally in the patient’s hands underscores the relationship that drives the success of every brand.

Since its launch, the campaign has brought the agency eight new clients, 20 new accounts (nine of which were awarded without a pitch), and six new therapies for rare or orphan diseases. In 2017 alone, the agency grew by 40% versus the previous year, with the primary driver attributed to growth within existing client engagements. They also grew staff by 50%, launched six brands, and won 70% of new business efforts.


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