PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Respiratory Brand Champion Denise Strauss

Denise Strauss, Former Vice President, Marketing, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Launching one product can be challenging enough. But, in her former role as Vice President, Marketing, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Denise Strauss helped to launch four products and three major product indications in under two years.

The innovative work of Denise and her team resulted in one of the broadest respiratory portfolios in the industry, comprised of a variety of handheld and nebulized products. The company now offers a range of maintenance therapies to treat the full spectrum of patients with COPD, including chronic bronchitis and/or emphysema. With the addition of new brands, patients now have the flexibility to choose from multiple devices in order to best meet their individual needs. Because when it comes to treating COPD, addressing the distinct needs of the patient is critical.

The newest product to enter Sunovion’s respiratory franchise is LonhalaMagnair™—the first and only nebulized LAMA for COPD. Approved in December 2017, the product was fully available to all HCPs and patients in April 2018. It offers unique technology that provides a virtually silent, portable, closed system nebulizer that is designed to deliver the drug in two to three minutes while allowing people to breathe normally while using the device.

Denise’s leadership, launch experience, innovative strategies, and willingness to take risks has significantly evolved the Sunovion portfolio, and is sure to benefit her next organization.


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