PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Professional Website/Online Initiative Winner Alcresta and W2O

RELiZORB (Alcresta, W2O)

Pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy (PERTs) has been the standard of care for helping cystic fibrosis and chronic pancreatitis patients receive vital nutritional supplementation from enteral feeding. However, it is not always effective. One reason: Many of these patients also suffer from fat malabsorption, leaving patients’ bodies, tissues, and cells nutritionally compromised.

To the rescue is Alcresta’s RELiZORB, a digestive enzyme cartridge that helps these patients hydrolyze fats and normalize the absorption of fatty acids, which are critical building blocks and protectors of organs. Working with W2O, Alcresta launched the “Rejuvenated with RELiZORB” campaign to educate HCPs about the devastating consequences of fat malabsorption and present RELiZORB as an efficient and effective solution. Unveiled at the 2017 North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference (NACFC), the re-launched campaign positioned RELiZORB as the best solution available for patients with fat malabsorption who are on enteral feeding.

The campaign shows how RELiZORB mimics the function of pancreatic lipase and delivers absorbable fats within the patient’s gastrointestinal tract through vivid and provocative creative. An arresting image depicts the RELiZORB device connected directly to an enteral feeding tube that morphs into the body’s own digestive tract. Reinforced by top-line messaging, the creative instantly conveys the implicit need and demonstrates the brand’s unique value proposition.

The site launched in December 2017, and HCPs are definitely taking notice. HCP Market Research Feedback has one dietitian reporting, “[The concept] is directly relating [the product] to the gut and it pulls my eye in more.” While a gastroenterologist says, “I would look at it right away. It’s pretty clear and I would pay attention to this.”


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