PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Professional Campaign Winner Grifols and Elevate Healthcare

HyperRAB: An Animal Attack is Traumatic Enough (Grifols, Elevate Healthcare)

Emergency care professionals have long been charged with the difficult task of injecting a significant enough volume of HRIG (immediate rabies care or human rabies immune globulin) into a small or recent wound site after what might have been a traumatic animal attack, especially for a child. After Grifols developed a double-potency formulation of HRIG that offers the potential for fewer injections and less volume, Elevate was charged with the challenge of introducing the “new” HyperRAB under the exact same brand name. So the question became: How do you signal the benefit of a new formulation and keep the equity of the branded formulation that’s going away?

The deeper the Elevate team dove into the subject, the more it became obvious that while the formulation story was important, there was an even more powerful story to tell—the emotional toll on HCPs when treating rabies was real. It’s difficult enough to follow recommendations by injecting a tremendous volume of medication, but inflicting more suffering on a patient who’d had a traumatic experience was even harder. Providing a solution to that challenge was really the essence of the HyperRAB campaign strategy.

The Animal Attack is Traumatic Enough campaign was conceived from the idea that the face of a patient post-animal attack was the most powerful and emotional appeal that could be made to an HCP. The successful launch is already well ahead of the goals set for replacing the older formulation of HyperRAB in the next ordering cycle of hospital EDs and is now in the middle of its full launch rollout. PM360 judges commented on its intense “stopping power” marking it as a campaign with true emotional impact.


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