PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Innovation Brand Champion Natalie Mancuso

Natalie Mancuso, Associate Director, Marketing, Regeneron

Natalie Mancuso is always looking for ways to embrace new technologies in order to help doctors, patients, and caregivers. For instance, while revamping the patient and healthcare professional campaigns for EYLEA® (aflibercept) injection, she made sure to incorporate a text-to-audio feature to help EYLEA’s visually impaired patients navigate the site. But, one of her latest innovative ideas helped those who didn’t suffer from retinal diseases to be able to see through the eyes of those who do.

With the help of Intouch Solutions, Natalie developed the first immersive virtual and augmented reality application, In My Eyes, which allows patients, HCPs, and caregivers to experience and discuss the daily struggles of living with a retinal disease. The app is broken into two distinct sections: Story Mode and Live Mode. Story Mode features three virtual-reality videos that put you in the shoes of different retinal disease patients. Meanwhile, Live Mode incorporates augmented reality through the phone’s camera system for real-time effects in the user’s immediate surroundings. This is the retinal industry’s first app to combine both technologies into one experience. But what makes the technology truly impressive is its ability to foster better communication between patients and their doctor and loved ones.

The professional and patient response has been particularly impressive. The engagement with the application has led to quality discussions among patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Regeneron received a note from a patient who was diagnosed with one of the retinal conditions that the app simulates. She was so thankful for the In My Eyes app, reporting “she could finally help her family and physician understand the impact of her disease to her daily activity.”


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