PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Gold Supplier/Vendor of the Year PatientPoint

PatientPoint has been blazing the point-of-care (POC) trail for more than 30 years, delivering hyper-targeted educational and sponsored brand content at critical touchpoints in the care journey to help patients get better treatment, help physicians deliver better care, and drive value back to sponsoring brands.

Keeping the patient at the center of every decision they make, the company has continued innovating and expanding its cohesive POC platform; by the end of 2018, PatientPoint programs are on track to impact patient-physician discussions in more than 51,000 physician offices and 1,000 hospitals nationwide. PatientPoint products have driven an 11% increase in colonoscopies, 21% increase in vaccinations, an increase in follow-up appointments of diabetes patients from 19% to 62%, and an increase in health system patient portal adoption from 8% to 14%.

For 30 years, hospitals, health systems, physician offices, and sponsoring brands have trusted PatientPoint and its more than 450 team members to provide a uniquely integrated experience across care settings.


  • The PatientPoint communication platform is designed to educate and engage patients, providers, and caregivers at critical touchpoints before, during, and after a visit or hospital stay to help drive quality care and better health outcomes.
  • The PatientPoint Interact Interactive Exam Room Program enriches the exam room experience with cutting-edge teaching tools for physicians and multimedia education (articles, videos, 3D anatomicals) to aid patient comprehension and reinforce key steps for treatment compliance.
  • The PatientPoint Navigate Patient Information Program helps patients navigate their inpatient, outpatient, and post-hospital healthcare experience.

Talent Development

  • PatientPoint recognizes the value of a beautiful, innovative space that replaced cubicles with an open environment. Fifteen meeting spaces facilitate large group discussions and were named—and themed—by employees after fictional places such as Wonderland, Winterfell, and Gotham, inspiring fun and innovation within each individual setting.
  • PatientPoint has hired 173 employees in just 18 months while boasting a high retention rate: 11% of staff have been with the company for at least 10 years.

Social Responsibility

  • Over the last 12 months, Cincinnati-based staff volunteered at Matthew 25: Ministries to assemble goods for local and national organizations supporting women.
  • PatientPoint staff in Nashville also participated in a day of service, which included buying books and reading to local schoolchildren as well as assembling furniture at the Nashville-area Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
  • Each holiday season, PatientPoint pledges $5,000 to the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help support their critical work to make wishes matter for wish kids. The organization also sponsors families in need, buying gifts and placing them under a special giving tree.


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