PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards Gold Advertising Agency of the Year Snow Companies

Over the last 20 years, Snow Companies has led the consumer marketing space in the pharmaceutical industry by consistently focusing on the authentic patient voice. Snow embodies the belief that a real patient moves the needle more than a model. A real caregiver is more convincing than an actor. A real patient reflects the consumer’s perspective more accurately than anybody else.

In early 2018, Omnicom Health Group, the largest healthcare marketing and communications group in the world, announced their acquisition of Snow Companies. The full-service patient engagement agency’s defining trademark is its unwavering commitment to authenticity and credibility within the patient community—guiding principles that benefit patients as well as industry and that modernized biopharma marketing.

Snow Companies—serving patients by connecting them with the life sciences industry.


  • Live patient engagement efforts have shown time and again to be among the most worthwhile pharma marketing and consumer education initiatives. The patient voice is the right voice to address an audience of patients and caregivers.
  • Snow found that it’s most effective to provide biopharma companies treasured opportunities to motivate their staff as well as to improve their services and reputation with patient-oriented initiatives.

Talent Development

  • The agency has a dedicated Learning and Development department and uses a learning management system (LMS) in order to develop internal skills with a targeted approach and to track progress.
  • Thanks to the corporate culture in which every employee is challenged to reach their full potential, the generous and unique fringe benefits, and the company’s sustained business success, Snow Companies is today surpassing a headcount of 350 employees.
  • Snow cultivates happy work culture with volunteer days, maternity, and paternity leave (“Snow babies” are a sign of confidence as a trusted employer who provides a safe job), in-house fitness center, Ambassador story share lunches, and free financial planning sessions.

Social Responsibility

  • Snow provided donations to 37 organizations over the past five years, including patient advocacy organizations, disease research and patient support funds, local schools, poverty-relief organizations, and shelters.
  • The company endorses employee-driven initiatives for numerous organizations, such as Red Cross Blood Drive, Food Drives, Angel Tree, Movember, Random Acts of Kindness, Bike MS, Girl Scouts, Avalon Center for battered women and children, YMCA Bright Beginning, and more.


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