PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards DTP Campaign Winner AstraZeneca and Patients & Purpose

Clear Path Campaign (AstraZeneca, Patients & Purpose)

The Clear Path campaign aimed to create communications that engage people while they are on their first TAGRISSO targeted therapy for lung cancer. Doctors are sometimes reluctant to discuss lung cancer progression with patients who are already scared and confused, let alone help their patients plan and prepare for it. The Clear Path campaign guides patients toward planning for progression by effectively arming them with the knowledge that TAGRISSO is the only treatment that targets the EGFR+ T790M mutation, a common progressive form of lung cancer.

Patients & Purpose faced a unique problem: Not everyone with EGFR+ lung cancer is tested for the T790M mutation, and they sometimes are given an inferior treatment, chemotherapy. The solution was to craft the campaign to feature a woman in a maze who’s not sure where to turn throughout her treatment journey—until she proactively asks her doctor about testing for the T790M mutation. This was depicted in a 90-second branded video, a 15-second unbranded video, and a double-page spread print ad. The creative team found an empathetic way to raise awareness about progression, despite patients’ potential success on current treatment and reluctance to think about the future.

With such a targeted audience and short time span, the campaign succeeded in reaching a significant number of people and had a direct impact on the number of people being tested for a specific mutation. It certainly influenced patients to ask for TAGRISSO by name. Since its launch, the campaign helped drive a 73% increase in TAGRISSO prescriptions and a 41% increase in patient requests for the T790M mutation test.


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