PM360 2018 Trailblazer Awards App/Digital Solution or Suite Winner MNG Health

MNG Health Media Hub (MNG Health)

MNG Health, a company that prides itself on a legacy of innovation, launched the Media Hub in late 2017. The highly popular Media Hub is a solution that enables brands and their representatives to compliantly curate and share personalized, targeted content with HCPs in an easy, trackable, and measurable way.

For decades brand teams have struggled to personalize content and services for HCPs. They trained and deployed highly skilled reps who were hamstrung by the limited, one-size-fits-all approach to promotional collateral and education materials. The Media Hub changes the paradigm, enabling reps to curate content based on their knowledge and personal interactions with their customers. Customers benefit as well from the highly relevant and straightforward approach of the platform, which offers complementary information and tools to those on the typical product website.

This powerful solution is the result of thousands of person-hours of research, design, development, and testing, with new features released every two weeks. The company has found many best practices for modularizing HCP branded and disease content to improve uptake, comprehension, and importantly, action. The Media Hub leverages preference-based HCP recruitment drivers, and analyzes behavioral data gathered by the platform to help clients understand specific content performance and customer preferences.

The results keep coming: The Media Hub is MNG Health’s fastest-growing product in the company’s 18-year history. Clients give regular feedback that it is “easier and faster” than any other digital content sharing platform they have used and are confident in its ability to safeguard regulatory and legal compliance via internal audits. District managers and sales reps from several client companies have thanked marketing teams for this new, simple, and efficient way to share valuable content with their busy customers.


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