PM360 2018 Innovative Service Cornerstones4Care Powered by Glooko App from Novo Nordisk

Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko App

Novo Nordisk

Katarina LeFever, Senior Manager, Patient Centric Marketing & Digital Health Innovation

Novo Nordisk’s Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko app is a free, valuable tool for the more than 30 million people living with diabetes in the U.S. that also helps patients and providers learn more about individual diabetes management needs.

The new app syncs data from over 50 diabetes devices (blood glucose meters, insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors, etc.) and fitness trackers, and aggregates this data to show users the impact of food, medication, and activity on their blood sugar levels. It leverages Novo Nordisk’s award-winning Cornerstones4Care® patient support platform, providing diabetes disease information, a meal-planning database, and management tips from experts—all with the tap of a finger. Additionally, patients can share their data and trends with their HCP from home or during office visits—resulting in real-world, real-time diabetes management insights. This educational component, for both patients and HCPs, is what makes this app stand apart compared to other offerings in the space.

The Cornerstones4Care® Powered by Glooko app also has applications for the broader scientific community. Data from the app on the association between variations in blood sugar levels and the amount of time spent with low blood sugar levels were presented at the 2018 American Diabetes Association Annual Scientific Sessions and 2018 Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes—two of the largest professional conferences for diabetes research. Analysis of real-world data from the app continues to be an area of focus and future development for Novo Nordisk and may help improve understanding of diabetes self-management. Further, digital solutions like this app may also lead to better outcomes for people living with diabetes.

The company is quickly building towards a sustainable, agile framework for digital health innovation and offering a continuum of care, including devices and monitoring, support, lifestyle advice, and medication.


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