PM360 2018 Innovative Service Clinical Trial Transparency Service from TrialScope

Clinical Trial Transparency Service


Dan Lehman, Vice President of Business Development

TrialScope, a team of compliance and disclosure veterans who offer solutions and services to clinical trial sponsors, launched its Clinical Trial Transparency Service (CTTS) this past September. This transparency and health literacy management solution enables clinical trial sponsors to engage with patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, and the public via a dedicated clinical trial website providing information on available trials as well as trial results.

With its newest innovation, TrialScope is leading the way for increased transparency in the global pharmaceutical industry. While large pharmaceutical companies see the value in disclosure beyond regulatory compliance, small and mid-size companies have yet to follow suit. CTTS gives these companies access to the many benefits of compliance, including increased trial participation, improved patient engagement, and public trust in the brand and its products.

With CTTS, sponsors can choose from website templates or customize the site to their own preferences. Clinical trial data is automatically updated from sponsor-submitted information to CTTS boasts a more user-friendly alternative to the clunky government site, which caters to healthcare professionals rather than the general public. Each CTTS site features a robust search engine, integration with Google Maps for location of nearby trials, and connections to leading social networking sites. The result is a fresh, effective platform built by experts in the field.

Sponsors face the potential for significant fines (up to $10,000 per day per study) for failure to register studies or submit results to Together with its new transparency solution, TrialScope’s flagship disclosure product enables sponsors to avoid financial risk and protect their brand reputation. Already, 93% of TrialScope customers’ completed studies have results posted, compared to 58% of non-customer industry sponsors and only 22% of other non-industry sponsors.


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