PM360 2018 Innovative Product The Script from Condé Nast Health

The Script

Condé Nast Health

Jennifer Mormile, Senior Vice President, Health

While it is not news that TV viewership is down, including a decrease of 27% since 2012 among 35-to 49-year-olds (an important demographic for pharma), what may be surprising is that many advertisers continue to feel they have no alternative and continue to use TV as a primary platform. But Condé Nast recognized that digital video viewership continues to increase—with digital hours per week watched estimated to increase 14% by 2019—and introduced a new health video offering.

The company had already established its expertise in developing digital videos. Across Condé Nast Video, the company has seen a 64% YOY increase in monthly views (now reaching one billion) and a 68% YOY growth in Monthly Unique Visitors (now reaching 50 million). So the company leveraged this expertise, and its growing stable of pharma editorial and activation talent, to create quality health video at scale.

Named “The Script,” Condé Nast now offers quality editorial health video content lineups for exclusive pre-roll sponsorship, custom-created video co-creation opportunities, and white-label production capabilities. This year they unveiled a suite of powerful health content through existing brand franchises such as SELF’s “Patient to Patient,” which recently received the Gold award at the DTC National for Best Disease Education digital video for Breast Cancer, and Glamour’s “Your Period In 2 Minutes,” which garnered 82 million views on Facebook.

In the first half of the year alone, Condé Nast launched 28 video campaigns across a range of condition areas such as endometriosis, obesity, dry eye, and more. Increasingly, Condé Nast is appearing at the top of video plans as they deliver completion rates upwards of 95% for pharma’s :60 ad creative.


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