PM360 2018 Innovative Product Data Cubed from Data Cubed

Data Cubed

Data Cubed

David Kiger, CCO

Since its founding in 2016, Data Cubed has helped to lead the next-generation of mHealth data capture—unlocking the power of clinical trials through real-world evidence. Its latest offering is a mobile platform designed with a consumer look and feel for patients, caregivers, and hospitals. In fact, 25% of Data Cubed employees focused purely on the design of the product.

The app is visually engaging with bright illustrations and rich interactions designed to reduce the clinical nature of these various activities. It is also designed using gamified mechanics of rewards-driven behavior to increase participation and improve retention. The app walks users through their study patient journey, having them complete tasks, diaries, and questionnaires, then taking them through a number of engaging “worlds” with progress points throughout the journey. Tasks are treated like games with scoreboards, points, and point multipliers, allowing subjects to be more engaged with their activities. In one study, the app helped to achieve 96% patient adherence/compliance.

Additionally, it is also possible to collect hundreds of data elements from the smartphone, wearables, and other Internet-of-Things devices and to convert them into a digital structure with the app. It provides a platform which captures third-party sensor data and facilitates deep phenotype understanding. And, when enabled on a participant’s device, it can provide the users’ phone with nearby important locations, such as when a patient visits a clinic, physician, or hospital, and offer useful nudge parameters and interventions. It can also provide caregiver alerts based on changes in behavioral patterns such as time spent at home, work, or school. And all of this has been designed with the latest HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and GDPR requirements in mind.


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