PM360 2018 Innovative Division SCOUT-Rare Expertise Joint Venture from SCOUT and Rare Expertise

SCOUT-Rare Expertise Joint Venture

SCOUT and Rare Expertise

Raffi Siyahian, Principal, Scout  

Raffi Siyahian, Principal, SCOUT, and Jeff Sweeney, Founding Partner, Rare Expertise.

On average, it can take five to seven years for people with a rare disease just to get an accurate diagnosis. This delay prevents treatment, increases hospitalizations, and takes an enormous toll on patients and their families. It also creates challenges for biopharma companies, which are unable to help patients get treatment with available therapies or enroll them in clinical studies until those patients have been correctly diagnosed.

In September 2018, SCOUT and Rare Expertise announced a new joint venture to help shorten this journey. Together, they will combine SCOUT’s expertise at marketing within the rare diseases, orphan drugs, and specialty pharmaceuticals space with Rare Expertise’s proprietary data-driven tools for identifying and activating people with rare disorders.

With collective experience spanning more than 30 rare disease brands and 20 rare tumor types, the joint venture will help rare disease companies go beyond traditional marketing, taking multiple approaches to multiple audiences, including patients, caregivers, HCPs, patient advocacy groups, geneticists, and centers of excellence. Early-stage companies can benefit from offerings such as clinical trial planning and recruiting services, a network of online influencers, and a database of rare disease patient journeys. Other companies might benefit by tapping into the partnership’s deep knowledge of rare disease commercialization and market development. Ultimately, the joint venture provides a one-stop marketing partner with an unmatched depth of experience and scope of services in the rare disease space.

The joint venture is led by Raffi Siyahian, Principal at SCOUT, and Jack Davis and Jeff Sweeney, Founding Partners of Rare Expertise, from offices in San Diego, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta.


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