PM360 2018 Innovative Company Reltio


Ajay Khanna, Vice President, Marketing

Reltio’s mission is to help companies “Be Right Faster,” by delivering reliable data with rapid time to value. Reltio developed the only Modern Master Data Management Platform as a Service that blends data of all types and formats to deliver enterprise data-driven applications with reliable master data management (MDM), relevant big data insights, and intelligent recommended actions. It is designed to give life sciences organizations true customer 360° views.

Its flagship product, Reltio Cloud, was named a leader in the latest Forrester Wave for MDM and also the Forrester Wave for Machine Learning Data Catalogs. Reltio Cloud combines data-driven applications with modern data management for better planning, customer engagement, and regulatory compliance. Beyond traditional MDM, Reltio Cloud incorporates interaction and transactional data at big data scale and uses graph technology to uncover affiliations across HCPs, HCOs, patients, prescriptions, payers, and plans.

Furthermore, machine learning is used to improve data quality, enable timely and compliant customer engagement, and build solutions that keep revenue leakages in check while managing 340B drug discounts. Workflow and collaboration components enable continuous data curation and innovative Data as a Service (DaaS) components, making subscribing to third-party data easy. With DaaS, Reltio Cloud provides easy access to third-party data such as NPI, DEA, 340B, and from providers such as IQVIA and D&B.

Reltio Cloud is used by companies across the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries for digital transformation initiatives such as gaining a complete view of the customer, connected customer experience, improved sales alignment, key account management, affiliations management, and improving supply chain efficiencies. And complex pre-M&A analysis and post-M&A integration that has previously taken a year has been reduced to just a few weeks.


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