PM360 2018 Innovative Company HealixGlobal


Morayea Pindziak, Vice President, Marketing & Operations

Status quo is not in HealixGlobal’s vocabulary, especially when it comes to media planning strategies for life sciences marketers. The company’s teams are constantly working to stay ahead of media trends and looking for ways that clients can connect with their target audiences in new and different ways.

One area in which HealixGlobal innovates is with its proprietary tool, DNA. This life sciences calibrated planning tool is the only tool of its kind that measures the psychological and emotional drivers behind certain practices of medicine. DNA creates measured channels utilizing surveys, linguistic analysis, and social behavioral engagement applied against media data for healthcare planning by combining qualitative human psychology and quantitative data.

The platform, in accordance with HIPAA, anonymously gathers emotional data directly from patients on the nature of their illness as well as the types of media that influence their decisions. DNA then locates the touchpoints along the purchase journey where brands can influence decision-making with nimble and responsive media solutions. Similarly, HealixGlobal also works with data from the AMA to create a dedicated connections panel of thousands of doctors across key specialties to determine how doctors use media and which elements are most effective to drive recommendations and write prescriptions.

HealixGlobal is able to foster such innovation in part thanks to a culture of caring and collaboration. At the heart of this is The Culture Committee, which consists of team members across organizational levels to ensure a culture of collaboration and camaraderie. The committee looks for regular opportunities for employees to connect socially and professionally with each other and established the Healix ACE Awards in order to award employees in any of four categories: Customer Service, Team Player, Living the Brand, and, of course, Innovation.


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