Planning for the Unplannable

When COVID-19 disrupted every single thing we do, marketing plans went out the window. After all, how do you prepare for a once-in-a-hundred-year situation that we all hope to never see again? And yet, that is your job. To plot, plan, project, model, and predict every situation you possibly can to ensure your brand is a success and remains successful no matter what happens. Robert Burns may have said mice and men can’t possibly plan for everything—paraphrasing of course—but marketers have to at least try.

So instead of following the observation of a Scottish poet from the 1700s, marketers may be better suited to listen to Kerry Murphy of Synapse, who wrote, “A good marketing plan accounts for change, but an exceptional marketing plan engenders change.” And Kerry didn’t just come up with that line of pure poetry; she actually explains how you can do that—in this very issue. In her feature, she offers not one, but two case studies that take you through how to leverage AI-based data analytics in order to prepare your marketing plan to adjust to any variable that may come your way.

And it is not just the pharma industry that has to adjust to unforeseen challenges that have emerged from the global pandemic. Medical device marketers must also overcome new barriers while facing more pressure than ever before to make up for the loss of revenue caused by hospitals stopping all non-essential medical procedures. For medical device marketers looking for solutions, Melissa Wildstein of The Matchstick Group has the answers. She lays out the four biggest challenges caused or exacerbated by COVID-19 and offers unique opportunities that med device marketers now have as a result.

Considering COVID-19 has also made digital more important than ever, you also will not want to miss our Digital Compendium eBook. This exclusive online issue explores how technology will change healthcare forever, the coolest voice technology projects marketers could dream up, how sounds could be the perfect prescription for your brand, and more.

And speaking of digital, we are taking our PM360 ELITE Event virtual. Nothing can stop us from celebrating these extraordinary individuals. We will bring all of the fun things you love about this event—as well as few surprises—to the digital world on July 15 at 7 p.m. Keep on the lookout on our website and in your inboxes for more details.


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