Plan to Overcome Any Challenge

Jigoro Kano, who developed judo in the late 1800s, taught his students to “consider fully, act decisively.” That principle is one reason why Kano’s teachings have since been applied to today’s business and marketing strategies. But the main reason is that judo teaches one how to be flexible and agile in order to use the strength of your opponents against them. Its principles can help marketers take on any competition no matter how crowded the marketplace or how much a competitor is willing to spend.

As Leslie Harris and Bill Harris of Cobalt Communications explain in their article, “Only big pharma companies have the luxury of a wait-and-see strategy because they benefit from maintaining status quo. Smaller biotechs, however, must rely on judo principles to win against the bigger competitors. They have the upper hand when it comes to making decisive moves to exploit opportunities—or fix problems—with agility.”

Of course, just acting without thinking offers no benefit to anyone. Look no further than the approach many marketers took in the early days of the pandemic when everyone rushed to deploy digital assets in place of in-person engagements. As a result, the industry created a cluttered digital space that left audiences overloaded and underwhelmed. Now, marketers need a fresh approach to cut through that clutter and Andrew Burkus of IQVIA offers one such way to accomplish that in his article.

But another way to ensure your message resonates with your target audience is by partnering with the right people. Our Forum on Influencers & Social Media includes strategies for working with the rising number of HCP digital opinion leaders as well as profiles three doctors who are definitely making their presence known on social. Plus, our Think Tank addresses the patient side of things with insights on the best ways to work with patient influencers, advocates, and ambassadors. Readers also sent us the best new ways to leverage social media for even more success.

Just remember to not let any success get to your head. As Kano also wisely taught, “Paradoxically, the man who has failed and one who is at the peak of success are in exactly the same position. Each must decide what he will do next, choose the course that will lead him to the future.” In other words, always have a plan. Lucky for you, this issue provides everything you need to form a good one.


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