The rapid evolution of social media and emergence of new progressive platforms has redefined the way information is disseminated, in turn, transforming how content is engaged and absorbed around the world. Coupling the power of web and mobile with social media has reconditioned behavior and changed the digital marketing landscape, creating countless conveniences and fewer barriers for global information exchange. The result is an interconnected world united by common threads of social technology, irrespective of country borders.

Global marketing and information sharing in the pharmaceutical industry has its challenges, but the major revolution in healthcare and technology shows no signs of slowing. The opportunity to benefit from emerging digital trends and social channels is ripe and becoming as prevalent as the need to optimize global budgets and maintain brand continuity anywhere in the world. Ultimately, adapting and innovating to help physicians transcend borders is a massive opportunity for global pharmaceutical and healthcare marketers.

The Intersection of Digital Engagement And Global Scale

Digital marketing has become much more than simply adding online channels to a media plan; the integration of a multi-channel approach that considers the digital appetite of today’s audience is paramount to global success. The ability and commitment to harness digital channels as mediums for connecting with physicians to effectively drive education and create awareness at a global scale is ambitious but fundamentally viable.

The Power of Social Communities

Social media is not a passing trend. Physicians are increasingly turning to digital channels and social forums to conveniently source information, collaborate with their peers, and derive knowledge needed to assess conditions and often times help solve cases.

A guiding principle for connecting physicians is to remember that they seek out relevant content and meaningful communities, rooted in trust. The scientific exchange fostered by such environments sparks valuable learning opportunities and supports expedient delivery of clinical intelligence from a range of resources.

Private online communities make it practical for physicians to connect and get valued opinions from colleagues representing different specialties and garner insights from industry and pertinent third-party associations, in mere minutes. Such convenience trumps time zones, office locations, scheduling conflicts, and now country borders.  The network effect is transforming “curbside consults”—casual conversations with colleagues in hallways or quick calls to ask questions—into “iConsults” and proving especially beneficial to physicians in remote parts of the country or globe. This reduces diagnosis time and lab work, thereby increasing efficiencies and successful outcomes.

According to Manhattan Research, 61% of U.S. physicians confirm interest in accessing medical information daily via online communities or social networks created specifically for physicians. According to a MedLIVE survey of global physicians, 90% confirm interest in joining an online physician community that enables collaboration with peers, supports market research and highlights industry insights. Hello world: Physicians are social.

The Balanced Value Equation

Trending technology and physician demand has cultivated the emergence of global social physician communities connected by trust and purpose, creating new contextually relevant opportunities for physicians, researchers and marketers alike. The transformative engagement platforms that support physician collaboration and clinical conversations have proven to conveniently deliver medical expertise to members along their decision journey and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

The model will continue to grow in its relevance and practicality, and transcend borders as adoption and engagement increases. Equally, this empowers global pharmaceutical marketers and healthcare industry stakeholders with primed vehicles to disseminate pertinent information, optimize brand content, and inspire physicians to move from intent to action, fostering brand affinity at the point of learning.

  • Mike Marett

    Mike Marett is Senior Vice President, Head of Global Business Development at WorldOne Interactive. Prior to launching WorldOne Interactive, Mike was an executive at Kyp, Inc


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