Pharma’s Crucial Need to Partner Up

The changes affecting pharma are coming at us and coming fast. With a new Administration, an uncertain payer landscape, and anticipated alterations that could change the face of healthcare as we know it, it’s not certain yet as to how pharma and marketers will adjust—but it is something under intense consideration. And if anything stands out above everything, it is the need for pharma and marketers to partner up—with the vendors who serve marketing needs, physicians, clinical teams, researchers, payers, PBMs, agencies, and, most importantly, patients.

In this issue, we offer a series of in-depth articles, focused on the need for deeper partnerships and cross partnerships among healthcare players to meet the challenges coming quickly down the pike. A strong need for deeper engagement—and empathy—and in patient advocacy (see story In Patient Advocacy, “Grassroots” Means Meeting People Face to Face). Understanding what it means to be sick is paramount to creating content and messaging welcomed by these groups. And then using insights and meeting patients and physicians digitally in a way that resonates—through partnerships with agencies that create content for specific channels, and partnerships with vendors in areas such as point of care, TV, the vastly growing use of mobile—and eventually programmatic ad buys. (See our Circle of Excellence Roundtable, sponsored by Health Monitor Network).

PBMs will need a solid partnership with physicians and HCPs as well to ensure that patient access, along with patient outcomes, doesn’t suffer. All of this could lead to a new, leaner, and more effective—even flexible—industry. And—more productive.

As Fred Hassan says in our feature, The Future of Pharma One to Five Years Out, “There will be more innovation in the next 10 years compared to the last 30 years.” Pipelines will come back to life—and that will be due to knowledge sharing among various research groups who can now quickly connect and collaborate. There is, indeed, a lot to look forward to. And pharma is locking arms to create it.

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