Pharma Responds to COVID-19

We can all see the panic and anxiety COVID-19’s rapid spread and hotspot surges from California to the New York Metropolitan area is causing as the entire global community finds itself facing a new disease for which humanity has no resistance and, currently, no treatment.

As grim as this still unfolding tragedy is for the many caught up in it, our healthcare professionals on the frontlines who are fighting to save lives and contain the disease are joined behind the scenes by a number of pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Gilead, and Takeda, who are ramping up clinical trials for at least nine possible treatments and six possible vaccines.

But because it will take up to 18 months to bring treatments to market, the work that pharma marketers do is now more important than ever. Marketers will need to take the hands of patients, lead them through these tough times, keep them on top of their health conditions, and maintain compliance in a chaotic, uncertain atmosphere. They will need to do the same for physicians and other HCPs. For the best possible outcome, our people and our technologies must continue to connect us all.

Our cover story illustrates how marketers are innovating and working to maintain the connections they have built to all stakeholders. And the good news: We are finding that companies and people from all over the globe—Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, even Prada and home-crafters—are contributing their time, money, and skills to help our overwhelmed first responders. Click here to see how people are putting others first and working to decrease the damage we are all witnessing.

We are fortunate enough in our industry to have many brilliant minds dedicating their full attention to saving lives. These are the very same type of people we celebrate each year in our May ELITE Award Winners issue. Keep an eye open for this—and know that PM360 is here to help you during this crisis. We will bring you the information you need now and offer numerous avenues for connecting with your contacts. So please…Stay safe. Stay connected. Stay healthy.


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