On- And Offline Marketing: Mix it Up!

If you think “digital marketing” is still a buzzword, this year’s Marketing Plan issue will blow your mind. Why? Digital is here to stay. You simply must “DEAL” with it, not only to reach patients and physicians, but also to reach targeted market segments and up your ROI. Our feature, The Four-Hour Digital Health Marketing Plan tells you precisely how to do this in four very doable steps.

But it’s not only the author, Simon Smith, Klick Health’s VP of Strategy, who emphasizes digital. In Rich Meyer’s DTC/DTP 360 column, he clearly states, “If DTC marketing is going to make the leap from mediocre to great, it is going to have to spend more money on digital marketing.” Patient outcomes are everything—and point of care marketing is undeniably the best way to reach and engage patients—and all healthcare stakeholders—where they live: Online.

And as Big Pharma Goes Specialty, these “complex therapies must also be targeted to defined market segments,” says author Tom Snyder of PAREXEL International. “Marketers will need to get comfortable with real-world data to address physician uncertainties as well [as patients and payers].”

Having said that, offline communications are not completely, well, off line. Our new Expert On Call column, Authentic Patient Voice, authored by Blake Shewey, Senior Account Director, Snow Companies, says—not so fast. Learn where offline communications work best, for whom and how it’s done effectively.

Speaking of digital, peruse our highly anticipated annual Digital Compendium supplement. This year’s edition features 11 actionable articles, including how to kick-start initiatives (and up sales by 20%!), while our Digital Directory lists the companies leading digital innovation.

Also, save the date for our PM360 ELITE awards reception and cocktail party (winners were featured in our May issue) at Manhattan’s infamous Standard Hotel High Line rooftop bar and get to know pharma’s greatest influencers, innovators—and many, many others on July 14, starting at 6:30 PM. We’ll see you there!


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