Odysseys with Jake Yarbrough

PM360 asked Jake Yarbrough, Managing Director, Schaefer Advertising about the place he just can’t stop returning to.

A photo Jake took during one of his trips to Mexico City of the canals of Xochimilco.

My Odyssey: I’ve only been there twice, but Mexico City has an electric charm that keeps me endlessly intrigued. It’s my wife’s birthplace, but more than that, it’s the origin of boundless culture and energy. From the modern to the ancient; rich to poor; secluded to chaotic, the capital of Mexico has an undeniable pulse in which these opposing forces propel everyone and everything forward. We are planning a return visit soon—and I can’t wait.

Another photo Jake took, this one of the Zocalo.

My Recommendation: I could spend days in the national museum. The building itself is an architectural gem but it houses exhibits detailing the ancient civilization on which the modern metropolis is found. Also, spending a relaxed day in one of the many colorful boats that navigate the Xochimilco canal is a great way to experience the culture of Mexico. Just north of the city is Teotihuacan, the ancient Mesoamerican city of pyramids that once was one of the largest cities in the ancient world. Casa Azul, where the artist Frida Kahlo lived and worked, is a must (get your tickets well in advance, though). There is also a fantastic mercado within walking distance from her home in the Coyoacán neighborhood.


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