The National Institute for Health Care Excellence (NICE) has issued a new guideline on maintaining a healthy weight and preventing excess weight gain.

This guideline replaces section 1.1.1 of NICE’s guideline on obesity, CG43 (2006).

The guideline, for those who educate people on how to maintain a healthy weight or prevent excess weight gain, comprises the following recommendations:

• Encourage people to make changes in line with existing advice.

• Encourage physical activity habits to avoid low energy expenditure.

• Encourage dietary habits that reduce the risk of excess energy intake.

• Provide further advice for parents and carers of children and young people.

• Encourage adults to limit the amount of alcohol they drink.

• Encourage self-monitoring.

• Clearly communicate the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight.

• Clearly communicate the benefits of gradual improvements to physical activity and dietary habits.

• Tailor messages for specific groups.

• Ensure activities are integrated with the local strategic approach to obesity.


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