New Research Shows BiovaDerm(R) Reduces the Appearance of Wrinkles

JOHNSTON, IOWA, Nov. 7, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Topical use of BiovaDerm®, a water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredient, was shown to reduce the appearance of wrinkles after just eight weeks according to recently published peer-reviewed research. BiovaDerm is manufactured in the United States by Biova LLC.

The open-label study published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology (DovePress; 14 October 2016 Volume 2016:9 Pages 357-66) showed daily topical use of BiovaDerm on facial skin significantly reduced the appearance of wrinkles after eight weeks, as measured across three parameters: roughness, contour and depth. This study corroborates results seen in Biova’s prior trial research studies. Further, the researchers point to WSEM’s association with additional mechanisms of cellular activity whereby BiovaDerm might offer natural skin health support and restoration, especially under conditions of oxidative stress, thus contributing to prophylactic anti-aging effects among other applications.

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“We’re seeing significant interest in BiovaDerm because there’s a large consumer market of adults concerned with overall health, skin care and the effects of aging,” said Kathy Hockla, channel manager for Biova.  “BiovaDerm is unique—it offers formulators a new, natural, research-proven ingredient to support skin care and reduce the visible signs of aging and facial wrinkles.”  In its formulary state, BiovaDerm has an off-white color, with a mild, easy-to-mask scent from which to develop formulations for lotions, creams and other topical applications. 

About Biova:
Privately held and globally distributed, Biova is the global market leader for water soluble egg membrane (WSEM) ingredients offering proven health benefits: BiovaDerm® for skin care; BiovaFlex® for joint health; and BiovaPlex® for animal health. Biova’s patented water soluble process creates expanded delivery options for a wide range of consumer products, including lotions, creams, functional foods, beverages and more. Years of dedicated investment, ongoing scientific research and leading-edge technology are at the core of these all-natural, ultra-pure, nutrient-rich ingredients. A focus on sustainable production, anchored by vertical integration with the largest egg producing and processing partners, assures Biova unmatched raw material supply—the right combination of access and capability to drive opportunity and growth.

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