New Game-Changing Tech for 2018

Sometimes new technology can take a little while to go from concept to a fully functioning device. That is why the following devices, which were announced in 2017, have still not hit the market. However, they are expected to arrive in 2018, and when they do, they could turn a few heads.

Wearable: Safe and Smart Drinking

In September 2017, Milo Sensors was awarded a $223,000 grant by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institutes of Health to help support the development of their wearable blood-alcohol sensor technology. In 2018, keep an eye out for PROOF, a wrist-worn biometric sensor that can provide an accurate and affordable means to continuously track blood alcohol levels without the need to blow into a breathalyzer or take a blood test. Users will be able to receive real-time updates via an app, so they can make more informed decisions while drinking.

Media: All-in-One Control

Today, people have several devices connected to their TV, including DVD/Blu-ray players, media streamers, gaming consoles, cable/satellite, and more. Caavo ($399 in Feb. 2018) connects everything into one device in order to be controlled from a single remote with voice control. However, this is more than just a universal remote. Caavo can search across all your devices and apps—no matter which one you are using. So, if you are watching Netflix, but want to switch to something on your DVR, just say the show’s name and Caavo will find it there automatically.

Mixed Reality: Digital Meets Real-World Experiences

Magic Leap is getting ready to ship its new mixed-reality headset and controller, the Magic Leap One, to developers and creatives in 2018. The headset’s lightfield photonics generate digital light at different depths and blends seamlessly with natural light to produce lifelike digital objects that coexist in the real world. The platform is built for developers to explore the possibility of the technology, including pulling the web experience out of the screen into real-world settings or creating companion content for basically anything with the ability to open multiple screens right in front of you at any time.

Virtual Reality: Will VR Finally Go Mainstream?

The VR revolution isn’t new to 2018, but the question is: Will it finally start to be adopted by mainstream audiences? That is the goal of Oculus Go ($199 in early 2018), an affordable and portable VR option that doesn’t require any wires or for it to be attached to a PC or other device. The all-in-one VR device is also made with breathable fabrics and adjustable straps for comfort, and it can be easily worn with glasses. The Oculus Go also comes with a portable, handheld controller to make it simple to navigate the virtual experience.

Microwave: Instant Cool

The Frigondas is not your standard microwave. Yes, it can heat food, but this device also has instant cooling technology. So, for instance, you can pop in a room-temperature can of soda or beer and chill it to 37°F in about six minutes. The device also can be used to quickly freeze fresh food. In fact, it freezes food so fast that the water doesn’t evaporate, which allows the food to taste fresher when it is defrosted (which can also be done in the Frigondas).


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