My Other Life with Stephanie Wenstrup

PM360 recently spoke to Stephanie Wenstrup, Senior Director, Aesthetics Marketing, Endo Pharmaceuticals, about running and rediscovering an old hobby.

PM360: Why did you get into running?  

Stephanie Wenstrup: Actually, it’s not really a why I got into running. He’s a who—my father! He always looked so relaxed, confident, and happy after his morning run. A great demeanor that I wanted to emulate. So, I tried it in high school, and here I am still starting my day off with a run—before anyone in my house is awake. I love the uninterrupted time to think, wake my body, and set a clear path for my day. For me, there’s absolutely nothing like it, and I owe that to my father.

Do you have any goals in mind when you run? 

I recently went through the Human Performance Institute’s Corporate Athlete Training sponsored by Endo. It inspired me to integrate interval training into my routine a few times a week, and it has definitely helped me achieve a faster peak pace. I’ve also tried yoga, which was harder than I expected! Who knew that standing in one place in one pose could be so difficult? Definitely eye opening for me!

Stephanie on a run while in Sea Isle City, NJ.

You also recently took the piano back up after a 20-year hiatus. What made you want to start playing again? 

Well, first because I love it! Like running, it’s an amazing release, but more creative. I have always owned a piano or keyboard, but after playing my last recital in college, I decided to take some time off to explore other interests. Increasing work and family responsibilities meant my hiatus lasted longer than expected. One day last year, I was at a music store with a friend and played a few notes. I was rusty, but it didn’t matter. The feeling of how much I really enjoyed playing came rushing back. So, I’ve challenged myself to pick it back up. I found my old music and am slowly relearning my favorite pieces.

What pieces do you enjoy playing the most?

I’d love to learn jazz, but for now I am focused on relearning some of the classics. I am currently playing (I use that term loosely) the “Pathétique” and “Moonlight” sonatas by Beethoven.

Now that you are playing again, is there anything you hope to achieve? 

I want to inspire my children to play piano as well. My youngest son, Will, has the most interest, and we are learning to play “Bluestone Alley” by Congfei Wei together.

Are there any other activities you enjoy doing? 

I love skiing, something I have also done since my youth. Again, fresh air, great workout, and quality time (sans electronics) with my three kids.

Stephanie enjoying skiing with her family at Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada.

Do you have any interests you are not currently doing, but would like to take up in the near future? 

Next on my list is competitive tennis. I played D3 tennis in college, but haven’t found time with my schedule to pick it back up. But, I’ll get there!


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