My Other Life with Peter Bowman

PM360 recently spoke to Peter Bowman, Director, Commercial Planning Lead, Neuroscience Franchise at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, about his passion for grilling.

Peter enjoys family time while grilling.

PM360: Since you like to grill, what is your preference: gas or charcoal? And what kind of grill do you currently use?

Peter Bowman: I’m a big charcoal lover. I just love the flavor of it. And currently, I have an old ceramic-style grill. I need to update it. I would love to get a Kamado or a Big Green Egg in the future, but I just haven’t worn mine out enough to justify buying a new grill.

What is your favorite grilling technique? Do you do anything unique?

One of the things that I like to cook on is Himalayan salt blocks. It’s a really different style of cooking, just because it takes a little more preparation and attention to detail. Basically, you get this big block of salt and you warm it up on the grill. You have to be very mindful of how you warm it up because if you warm it up too fast then you’ll crack it and it’s no longer usable. But in essence, you’re cooking on top of salt so that your flavoring is being cooked directly into the product. It gives the food a really distinct flavor. The challenge, however, is you have to find the right recipes, because sometimes the salt block can add too much salt.

Grilling fajita-style steak with peppers and onions on Himalayan salt blocks.

What recipes have you found that work?

Fajita-style steak with peppers and onions have been very good. In fact, most steaks come out delicious, especially a rib eye. Seafood tends to work well too, and eggs over easy with bacon is also a lot of fun. We’ve also done Cubans, which I can’t say added a ton of flavor, but it was just a different way of preparing it. And recently we did a pork lettuce wrap that came out excellent. You can even bake on it—for instance, we made cookies. It’s just a matter of playing around to find the right recipes that work. The fun is when you find the winners and everyone in the house loves it, and you know they truly enjoyed it because they ask for it again.

You can never go wrong grilling chicken.

Besides just exploring recipes yourself, are there any cookbooks you would recommend for the novices out there?

My favorite salt block grilling book is Salt Block Grilling: 70 Recipes for Outdoor Cooking with Himalayan Salt Blocks by Mark Bitterman. And then for just grilling, I would recommend people check out Go Kamado: More Than 100 Recipes for Your Ceramic Grill by Chef JJ Boston.

Do you have any other grilling tips you can share?

This isn’t a tip per se, but for me it is really about the whole experience. I would tell people to enjoy the outdoors, get some peace and quiet, and hang out with your family. The fun of grilling is all about enjoying that down time and then seeing the pleasure the food you make brings to the people who eat it.


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