My Other Life with Jonathan M. DeBoer

PM360 recently spoke to Jonathan M. DeBoer, Associate Brand Manager at Eli Lilly, about his love of fishing, nature and wildlife.


PM360: Jon, we hear that fishing is your favorite pastime. Tell us about that.

I get the most enjoyment and relaxation out of fishing. I live in Indiana and primarily wade the creeks, streams and rivers of Indiana for smallmouth bass. I travel to Wisconsin once a year in the fall to fish the trout/salmon run, and my in-laws live in Florida so I fish the saltwater flats there when we visit.

Very cool. What makes you so passionate about fishing?

I am passionate about fishing for several reasons. First, the challenge of being able to fool a fish into eating something that isn’t fully natural takes a degree of skill, depending on the technique and type of fish that you’re after. Second, getting out and wading allows me to be immersed in nature. Typically, I don’t see a soul, and I often encounter many different types of wildlife—deer, coyotes, bald eagles, beavers, etc. There is something peaceful about seeing the natural wildlife and topography.

How do you feel when you catch fish? Is it something that gets your adrenaline going?

The personal satisfaction for me has little to do with catching fish, as I practice catch and release. It has to do with the fact that I never know what to expect—what lures will work, the size and numbers of the fish you will catch, where the fish will be positioned in the body of water I’m fishing, etc. Every time I go out, something will be different, and I have to use my knowledge to develop an approach for that particular day.

How did you become so skilled in fishing and how have you grown in your skill since then?

I started out fishing from the shore—and I only understood the basics. As time passed, I evolved into wading and sought to learn as much as I could about that style and the fish I was pursuing.

As funny as it sounds, the explosion of the Internet has helped tremendously since there is so much information to consume—fishing reports, fishing blogs, online forums, etc. It’s amazing how much information is out there to read and apply.

Who inspired you?

My dad. He got me started at an early age, and it’s always been something that we’ve enjoyed together. My grandfather also created an environment for me to enjoy fishing. Every summer when I’d visit him and my grandmother, he’d take me fishing to different places. I always looked forward to visiting them!

Other than fishing, what else do you enjoy doing and/or would like to pursue at some point?

I work out four days a week at 5:30 a.m., play in a softball league, enjoy fantasy football, wine tasting, craft beer, skiing and golf. My wife and I have been to Napa several times to enjoy good beers. I’d love to get into a paintball league at some point. There’s something intriguing about the competition and strategy that I think I’d enjoy.


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