My Other Life with Drew Fine

PM360 recently spoke to Drew Fine, Marketing Director Dermal Fillers, Galderma, about his family’s adventures traveling around the world.

PM360: I understand that family is your priority outside of work, but what do you most like to do together?

We love to travel and have new experiences together. I was lucky enough to marry an amazing person after graduating college who loves family and travel and that’s the road we have been on for 16 years. We’ve moved eight times, had four kids, and traveled all over the world. For example, we did a West Texas road trip for spring break and got to ride donkeys in Mexico, see the darkest night sky in the lower 48 states, and do some amazing hikes.

What was it like to ride a donkey?

Actually, one of the most fun things was just picking whether to ride a horse, a donkey, or in a car. I loved seeing how my kids chose. One picked a donkey because that’s what mom picked. One picked a horse because she loves horses. One picked a donkey because her sister didn’t pick a donkey. And the last one picked based on color. It was too funny seeing their different decision-making criteria. Almost reminds you of some of our customers!

How was the experience of looking at the darkest night sky in the continental U.S.?

The coolest part was looking through the 20 different telescopes they had set up with astronomers helping you see different things. It was amazing learning about the universe and the science behind our knowledge. Also, it was really fun to see the kids make hypotheses as to what they were seeing and why, and then engaging the other side of their brain by coming up with creative analogies as to what they look like.

What was your most recent trip?

We were supposed to go to Belize in August, but a hurricane hit right before our trip so we had to make a quick change and decided to go to Cabo instead, which we love. However, we plan to head to Belize this summer.

What has been your favorite trip?

My wife says her favorite trips are when we go to the beach or go to Disney. I think the better answer is our favorite adventure is the adventure in front of us.

Did anyone help inspire the adventure seeker in you?

My dad is an inspiration and role model. He grew from driving a taxi cab in NYC to being CEO of Banner Healthcare, one of the largest integrated health systems in the country. Along the way he modeled how to be a good husband and father as well as a business leader. But interestingly enough, when I married my wife we really started traveling and exploring. And I think I rubbed off on my dad because when he saw how positive that was for me, both my parents decided to increase their travel and exploration.


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