My Other Life with Aneil Batra

PM360 recently spoke to Aneil Batra, Sr. Director, Obesity Marketing at Novo Nordisk, about travelling the world to capture the beauty of humanity.

A shutterbug himself, Aneil Batra is captured doing what he loves.

PM360: What makes you so passionate about travel and photography?

Aneil Batra: Growing up as a first-generation American, I was exposed to world travel from a very young age. Having to deal with learning about my culture in the context of a completely different culture, left me with a sensitivity to the fact that we often focus on those things that are different about us as human beings versus those that make us more alike. That said, I was fortunate to have had parents who could take me back to visit extended family in India when I was young. This experience shaped me in innumerable ways and opened my eyes to a world beyond my daily experiences in the U.S.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

How have you combined your interests in travel and photography beyond basic sightseeing?

I have made it a personal mission to travel the world, experience different cultures (often ancient antiquities/lost worlds), and to photograph as much of it as I can—with the aspiration of one day developing a coffee table book to show others the world that I see. The beauty of our world, humanity, and our “sameness.”

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

What places have you visited and photographed so far?

So far, I have touched six of the seven continents and photographed all seven wonders of the world. As years progress, my flexibility has definitely been impacted and I find planning these trips harder due to limitations of my time—but they also become that much more critical for me too.

Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island

What has been your favorite place that you have visited? Why?

This question is a tough one for anyone whom has wanderlust as I do. Each place I have visited is special for its own reasons and has contributed to my world view in some positive light. But if I were really forced to pick a trip, I would say my first solo trip to Cambodia and Thailand. It was a special trip because of where I was personally from a work and personal life perspective.

Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji), Kyoto, Japan

Are there any interests you would still like to pursue at some point?

I would love to develop my photography to the point where it could become a source of revenue. Additionally, I would love to get back into music and pick the acoustic guitar back up. I enjoy all of the cooking/home improvement shows and wouldn’t mind developing some serious master chef skills to accompany my love of wine—so that I could entertain more.


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