My Other Life: Tina Fehr

PM360 recently spoke to Tina Fehr, Associate Director, Consumer Products at Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., about her love for outdoor sports and fitness.


PM360: We understand that you enjoy outdoor sporting activities. Please tell us about those.


I have always enjoyed being physically active and getting outside in the fresh air. As a kid, it was biking, skating, skiing or competitive softball, which I played for fun into adulthood. Today my activities include biking, mountain hiking, throwing the Frisbee (and some Frisbee golf), and hitting the gym with strength and cardio training, cycling, step classes and yoga.

Wow. Mountain hiking sounds tough. What makes you so passionate about it?

Fresh air, spending time with my husband and living in the moment! The physical challenge, hard work and mental commitment required to hike to the top of a mountain peak (and back down again) is invigorating and there is a huge sense of accomplishment once I do it.

How would you describe the personal satisfaction you get out of hiking?

Looking up at that mountain peak later, and seeing how far I went and what I accomplished, proves that I can do anything I set my mind to. I feel healthier, better and stronger both personally and professionally because of it.

How has your involvement in this pursuit evolved over the years?

We have a summer cabin in Brighton, Utah and I am so fortunate to be able to spend time there. It’s funny because that very first uphill battle that I endured with my husband, Chase (a seasoned climber) over seven years ago is now considered a short jaunt! Each year I strive to accomplish something more: a higher peak, a steeper or tougher climb, a longer hike than the year before. I have evolved with a stronger belief in what I can overcome and accomplish, and a better appreciation for my health and the beauty of nature and the world we live in.

Were you inspired by someone to get involved in hiking? If so, who?

Yes, my husband and best friend, Chase. He has always been an avid hiker, biker and fitness enthusiast, committed to enjoying every minute of life! Work hard and play harder! He stays incredibly fit and has a great attitude, and this motivates me to become more than I believe I can. He inspires me to be a better person, to challenge myself and to go beyond what I think I can achieve.

You also mentioned that you love biking. Tell us about that and the other activities you enjoy doing in your spare time?

We live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, which has a rich network of bike paths and many biking options. Getting on a bike and riding in urban/suburban and rural areas with excellent trails, lakes and wildlife is really fun. I also love movies, cooking and reading a great book when I get a chance.

That’s great Tina. Are there any other interests you would like to pursue at some point?

I love music and have a talented singer/songwriter sister, Patty Mattson. I have a nice acoustic guitar that I really never learned to play well and I would love to learn a few classics. I also enjoy traveling and would love to go back to Italy some day!



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