One Drop announced on Oct. 31 a multipart collaboration with Fitbit to bring enhanced data-driven care management tools to the diabetes community.

One Drop users will now be able to sync Fitbit intraday data to their One Drop accounts. The first initiative will be to help users better understand the impact of physical activity on blood glucose management. The app software also will analyze user-generated health data points with the goal of gaining deeper insights and improving health outcomes for all people with diabetes worldwide. It can potentially allow users to see how their physical activity impacts blood glucose levels. Users can review these data with their very own Certified Diabetes Educator as they work together to meet personalized health goals.

In a study published in JMIR Diabetes in August 2017, results showed a 1.1%-1.3% absolute reduction in hemoglobin A1C in just 4 months in patients using One Drop. It is noted that this was a more significant reduction than other published research suggested was possible using a mobile care management app.

“By integrating Fitbit data and creating an app for Fitbit Ionic, we will be able to provide our users and their health care providers with more data and deeper insights to better manage their diabetes,” said Jeff Dachis, CEO and founder of One Drop, in a press release.

Read the full press release here .


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