Guardant Health Taps Oncology Expert

Craig Eagle, MD, previous Head of Oncology Development at Pfizer and then VP of Medical Affairs Oncology at Genentech, has shifted gears and is now focusing on cancer diagnostics. Dr. Eagle joined Guardant Health, a company focused on making liquid biopsy tests, which use blood samples to provide genetic information about tumors. Guardant has four commercially launched tests and partnerships with AstraZeneca, Amgen, and other pharma giants for diagnostics related to treatments.

At Guardant, Dr. Eagle wants to focus on answering: “How do we get as much information and as much data about the patient and their cancer to help us decide what the best choices are for that patient to go through their journey with cancer?” While precision medicine—and companion diagnostics are on the rise— Dr. Eagle believes there is still a need, and challenge, for communication and education.

Eli Lilly and Company

Diogo Rau has moved from Apple to Lilly to serve as the company’s new SVP and Chief Information and Digital Officer. During his 10 years at Apple, he led the development and implementation of the technology supporting the Apple Online Store and Apple retail stores. Now, he will guide Lilly’s technology strategy as the company explores new ways to meet the increasing expectations of patients, physicians, and healthcare systems.

Greater Than One Group

The global marketing and communications agency appointed Carol Fraser to Chief People Officer to lead People and Development. She is trusted to support the internal growth of the staff while providing input into the company’s long-term strategic plan. Fraser intends to advocate for all employees because she believes a company that invests in their people creates a powerful, engaging workplace.

Janux Therapeutics

Wayne Godfrey, MD, was named Chief Medical Officer and will lead the clinical advancement of the company’s pipeline of next-gen T cell engager immunotherapies designed to potentially treat multiple solid tumor indications. He brings more than 25 years of drug development, clinical strategy, and research experience in cancer immunology and immunotherapy at leading pharma and biotech companies.

Klick Group

Ryan Slipakoff joined Klick as Chief Transformation Officer to further bolster the rapidly growing agency’s technological leadership and new product development in their period of transformation. Unlike most agencies, Slipakoff is ensuring Klick unlocks the full potential of their technology platforms, drawing on their fully integrated work systems and two decades of experience delivering complex technical solutions.


The digital therapeutics company tapped business development expert Brian Peterson for Chief of Strategy and Partnerships. Peterson is responsible for expanding Medisafe’s partnerships with medication management across the healthcare ecosystem and driving growth through new revenue channels and integration in healthcare systems and payer markets. The previous ConnectiveRx SVP joins the company as it focuses on expanding its digital platform.

Snow Companies

The patient storytelling agency promoted Blake Shewey to President due to her industry firepower, commitment to people, and record of successful growth strategies. She represents a new generation of leaders who build on tried and tested processes while responding nimbly to changing market conditions and client needs. Shewey’s approach delivers remarkable results and earns her great respect from her team, colleagues, and clients.

The Bloc

The health creative agency created the position of Chief Operating Officer for incoming operations guru Stuart Goldstein. He will work to optimize project management and identify metrics to increase efficiency and profitability for The Bloc. During his 20-year career, Goldstein scaled some of the top agencies in the U.S. and became known for building strong teams and driving organizational growth.


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