Move Fast—And Get it Right

Like every other form of pharma marketing, DTC advertising is undergoing rapid change—causing birth pangs, but promising big rewards. Once broad and scattershot, DTC was reliant in large part on TV viewers taking notice and then asking doctors for your brand. Today’s DTC programs are quickly shifting toward much more narrow, precise targeting through both broadcast and digital media that serves to establish the brand while simultaneously hailing pioneering scientific discovery (most importantly to physicians) before finally narrowing scope to a patient population in need.

Our feature story, From Broad to Precise DTC Marketing, notes this change has a lot to do not only with more knowledgeable patients doing web research and taking their healthcare by the horns, but it is also due to R&D annual spending increases and narrowing innovation cycles that demand pharma brands strike faster to ensure commercial success.

Author Lori Goldberg, explains how, in four phases, you can move to narrow, precise marketing—and how to do it right. And, she notes, “Pharmaceuticals will always be dependent on the doctor’s pen, as earning a doctor’s trust and support remains the task at hand.” That idea is picked up by the authors of How Prescribers Affect Launch Success. Doctors don’t trust what they don’t know, basically, and getting them to write a prescription for your product requires marketers to take both an inquisitive and educational approach. Before a physician prescribes a new drug over an older drug they’ve had consistently good results with over the years, they need to know a lot more about what marketers are selling. Physicians need to know what’s in it for them, and for their patients. Read now to see what gets in the way of doctors picking up your brand and how you can change that.

But while we are seeing change in the approaches, tactics, and strategies marketers employ, for patients, the healthcare journey is still fragmented. Pharma is innovating digitally, but Jeff Gourdji and Scott Davis, authors of 5 Shifts Marketers Must Make, see a lag between what is currently being done with digital innovation and what could be done with digital innovation, particularly in terms of customer centricity. “Becoming truly customer centric,” they say, “is no easy feat.” Read to learn the five shifts you can make to get you there—and get it right.


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