Infographic Animations: A New Tool for Online Engagement

Infographic Animations are an effective way for healthcare companies to present complex information externally through short animated videos that cut through the social media clutter in a meaningful way.

Over the past two years, more and more healthcare companies have peppered their online channels with Infographic Animations rather than live action videos, such as “Advanced Breast Cancer—101” from Novartis ( These engaging animations lend themselves particularly well to healthcare messaging because they offer a fresh visual point of view to educate about a disease or condition, to demonstrate efficacy of a product or to share a patient story. For so many years, healthcare companies have relied on the same formula for their advertising and promotional messaging—physician sound bites, patient endorsements, clinical and lifestyle footage. Infographic Animations can be far more poignant and moving in a fresh and untraditional way.


Developing An Infographic Animation

Three steps that companies should follow if they want to create an Infographic Animation for their brand include:

1. Script Development:
You will want to keep the length of your animation to two minutes or less, so keep in mind that 150 words equal about one minute of text. Consider at the outset whether you want narration or not. This decision will affect how the script is developed. A script meant for “typography only” animation must rely on words and images to convey message points. Also, keep in mind, music is a very important element to carry the text and give the animation the right feel.

2. Find the Right Production Company:
Once the script is completed you can bid it out to a production company that has motion graphics capabilities. Take a look at their work. Often, a production company will have more than one motion graphics artist on staff so look at different work samples to determine the style that suits your project best. Sometimes the motion graphics artist is also an illustrator and can both design and execute all the elements that will be animated. In many instances, however, there will be a designer, an illustrator and an animator working on the project so you might want to look at each of their work. The number of people working on the project will affect cost and that’s why Infographic Animations can have a big price range. A two-minute Infographic Animation might be produced for $12,000 or $35,000 depending on the size of the production team and the complexity of the design elements.

3. Storyboard Approval:
Once a production company is selected and a budget determined, their first step will be to present music and develop storyboards for your approval. These boards will indicate the look and feel of the animation. If your company or client has a style guide, this should be given to the production company prior to start of work. Generally speaking an Infographic Animation will take about a month to complete.

For healthcare companies who have relied for so many years on live action to tell their stories, Infographic Animations will prove to be curiously refreshing. They obviate the need for physician and patient sound bites and shooting in healthcare locations such as physicians’ offices and hospitals. In fact, they offer a totally new and refreshing way to increase awareness about a brand’s messaging.

  • Steve Gold

    Writer/director/producer, and the president of The SGNY Group, a New York based video production and online marketing company serving the healthcare sector.


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