MicroMass Launches New Resource to Help People Adjust to New Normal Under COVID-19

During these trying times, everyone can use a little help to live a happier and healthier life. And to help you do that, MicroMass Communications has launched a new site: COVID Compass.

Based on MicroMass’s experience in behavioral science and public health, the site offers resources to help people build skills to navigate this “new normal.” That includes scientifically proven techniques to support your wellness as well as take care of those who are close to you.

“We’re all doing the best we can to get through these unusual times,” says Sasha Broustovetskaia, Behaviorist, MicroMass Communications, Inc. “As we navigate our way, it’s crucial to remember that we’re not alone and that we can take steps to be there for ourselves and others. My hope is that our website will provide practical value to help with self-care, encourage connection, and support coping.”

The site is divided into three sections:

  • Find Reliable Information: Tips for finding trustworthy info, how to keep a balance between staying informed and taking care of yourself, a quiz on how COVID-19 information sources affect your well-being, and more.
  • Connect With People: Insights on how you can stay connected with friends and family during this time when everyone is social distancing.
  • Reduce Your Stress: How to best manage your stress as you adjust to new changes brought on due to the health crisis, including different activities and techniques you can try such as breathing exercises.

Each section also includes a video with a MicroMass behaviorist and downloadable activities and additional resources.

“COVID Compass is important because it encourages us to take care of ourselves as individuals, and also reminds us that we are a part of a larger network that is in this experience together,” says Hunter Holbrook, Behaviorist, MicroMass Communications, Inc. “We rely on each other in so many ways, and we have to take care of ourselves and each other. I hope that people will get a sense of balance, relief, and connection from our website.”


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