Lifestyle: Finding A Good Cup O’ Joe in Philadelphia

Getting the morning started, keeping the afternoon going, ending the evening—anytime’s a good time for a great cup of coffee.

It’s the conventioneer’s plight: finding a good cup of coffee in a strange city. But, don’t worry. For those of you headed off to the Hyatt Regency Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing for the 12th Measuring and Optimizing MSL Practices conference, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. There’s something for everybody in our list of coffee houses—and most are located nearby.

Bodhi Coffee: Known for its tasty macchiato, friendly staff and cozy ambience.
Located at 410 S. 2nd St.; phone: 267-239-2928.

Old City Coffee: Offering a variety of freshly roasted coffee and free Wi-Fi.
Located at 221 Church St.; phone: 215-629-9292.

Starbucks: Yes, of course, Starbucks is here with all the brews and noshes you’ve grown to love.
Located at 347 South St.; phone: 215-627-4060.

Sphinx Café: Want a smoke with your coffee? Here’s the place to go. Grab a cup and ask for a hookah!
Located at 100 Chestnut St.; phone: 215-238-9021.

Double Shots Espresso Bar: Need a double shot to get you going? This is the place for you.
Located at 211 Chestnut St.; phone 215-351-5171.

Philadelphia Java Company: You can grab a panini and other scrumptious noshes along with your cup of joe.
Located at 518 S. 4th Street; phone 215-928-1811.

Café Ole: Enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean while sipping your java.
Located at 147 N. 3rd St.; phone: 215-627-2140.

Café Fulya: Baklava and Turkish coffee. Voted the best coffee in town. Need I say more?
Located at 727 S. 2nd Ave.; phone: 267-909-9937.


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