Create your own six-second video.


It seems that these days everybody wishes to broadcast a declaration of creativity, whether it’s documenting an avant-garde portrait of last night’s dinner roll or posting a YouTube of childhood shenanigans once filmed on a Super 8. Historically it was ancient caveman paintings and scribes releasing village news. Today, voicing one’s activities via social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, has become mainstream.

A still image from the front cover of a newspaper undeniably achieves a successful level of response. But with the moving image, it becomes suggestive. Earlier this year in January, Twitter released Vine, a new video app that allows users to easily share social content via Twitter. It operates on the iOS system and according to AllThingsD, sources have said the app is only available for Apple users. According to, approximately 243,000 of Twitter’s videos derived from Vine only a week after its launch.

Want to create using Vine? Well, six seconds is all you get. A few still shot images and you can create, within minutes, what appears like an Eadweard Muybridge piece complete with an audio track. Like a flip of a switch, Twitter’s Vine records images by simply holding down a finger onto the iPhone screen. It can be shared via Twitter or Vine feed.

According to the Vine online blog, co-founder and Creative Director Rus Yusupov who describes the app as a “new art form,” capturing video with Vine is “new” in the sense that there is no play button. Videos can be quick-edited, soliciting viewers to watch a story unfold within the visionary’s perspective—in a non-stop looping format. If truncating images to tell a story is the fast track in climbing the social media ladder, it’s making Instagram look like a trend five minutes ago. “We [also] believe constraint inspires creativity, whether it’s through a 140-character Tweet or six-second video,” says co-founder and General Manager Dom Hofmann.

And there’s something to be said about recording vignettes, whether it’s photographing a momentous octogenarian’s birthday or creating a thumbnail ad for orange juice. Visually speaking, these clips can come off as nauseating as a scene from Blair Witch Project or as innovative as documenting a six-second showdown of how a Caesar salad is dished up tableside at the Four Seasons.

It’s no surprise that more guests are whipping out their smartphones during a multi-course dinner for an impromptu photo shoot. According to Twitter’s website, there are now over 200 million active users. With today’s social media obsessed with wanting to braid creative outlets as a way of social networking, it probably won’t be long before Vine generates millions of posts in what Hofmann describes as, “Little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life.”

Sources: January 23, 2013


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