New Year’s Resolutions for Workaholics

Here’s a Top 10 list of lifestyle changes you can make for 2013 that could render the daily grind more manageable—and keep you healthier.

In last issue’s Lifestyle, we offered some advice on how to eat healthy and stave off weight gain over the winter holidays. Now you’re probably deep into making New Year’s resolutions that begin and end with dieting and exercise. While that’s a fine strategy, adherence can be brief and fleeting. How about going in a different resolution direction this year and commit to making some lifestyle changes that could really impact your daily life in a positive way. Let’s face it, in pharma marketing and sales—as in almost every career in today’s society—the 40-hour workweek is a thing of the past. So you must be extra diligent when it comes to time managing and keeping body, mind and soul healthy. Here are 10 resolutions for getting control of your life and your health before, during and after work, without having to sacrifice your workaholic habits.

Be a Sleepy Head: Nearly 30% of Americans sleep six or fewer hours each night when the optimum number for being healthy and alert each day is between seven and nine. You won’t be as effective at work if you’re yawning at the marketing meetings.
Breathe Deeply: It sounds simple and almost automatic, but once you wake up to a new day, taking a few deep breaths— especially in the morning—can actually help your brain to relax.

Alternative Work Transportation: Of course, this is tough if you have a long work commute, but biking or walking to the office is not only greener and cheaper than driving, it can also benefit your health.

Posture Perfect: Once you get to your workstation, avoid slouching over your desk for hours at a time. Poor posture on a daily basis can lead to abnormal wearing of joints that causes arthritis, back and muscle aches, and stress on the ligaments that hold the spine together. Plus, good posture can make you look and feel more alert.

Can the Diet Soda: We already know that sugar-packed soda can be a recipe for health disaster, but recent studies suggest that diet soda may be associated with a wider waist. It sounds radical, but the answer to staying hydrated during the day and quenching your thirst is that old standby: WATER.

Stop the Mindless Snacking: Soda isn’t the only thing we consume at the office without thinking about it. Mindless snacking at work can add up to nearly 600 calories to your daily intake. Instead of reaching for those unhealthy treats in the middle of the work day, you might try to distract yourself with the next resolution which is to . . .

Embrace Some Yoga: Studies indicate that in addition to reducing stress and helping with weight management, yoga is linked to easing symptoms of conditions such as back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, fibromyalgia and breast cancer.

Enough With the Apologies: Let’s face it: The workplace environment can be rife with mini-dramas that necessitate making apologies left and right. While saying “I’m sorry” can be a powerful way of asking for forgiveness and moving on, it can be overdone and seem insincere. Before you apologize for a mistake or for slighting someone, ask yourself if you’re really sorry? If you’re not, skip the apology.

Viva Vacation: According to’s 2011 Vacation Deprivation Study, the U.S. actually ranked as one of the most vacation deprived countries, and the average American leaves three vacation days unused at the end of the year. The main reason for skipping those extra days was lack of planning, the act of which can sometimes be the most fun part of the trip. We not only give you permission to take your vacation but to . . .

Indulge Yourself: During lunch hours or breaks during the workday, how about doing something just because it makes you feel good. And don’t feel guilty for giving your indulgence high priority if it doesn’t get in the way of your job. It might just make you even more effective at work.


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