Certain genetic loci are likely associated with late-onset psoriasis, based on data from a study of 543 cases and 4,373 healthy controls. Previous studies have shown 36 genetic loci linked to early-onset psoriasis (younger than 40 years), but the genetics of late-onset psoriasis (aged 40 years and older) have not been well studied, wrote Harry L. Hébert, a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester, England, and his colleagues.

In their genotyping analysis, the two loci HLA-C and IL12B, shown to be associated with early-onset psoriasis, also were significantly associated with late-onset disease, as were six other loci. In addition, IL1R1 on chromosome 2q13 was uniquely associated with late-onset psoriasis.

Find the full study online in the British Journal of Dermatology (2015;172:933-9 [ doi:10.1111/bjd.13340 ]).