Kudos to the 2018 Pharma Choice Awards Winners!

You’ve done it again, dear readers! Our 10th Annual Pharma Choice Awards—the campaigns that you, our readers, chose as the very best, innovative, and forward-looking creative, are indeed just that. They are groundbreaking. They are creative. They are simply amazing. And you do this year after year—in response to the shifting winds in the marketplace, in response to patient needs, in response to new technologies that turn pharma marketing on its head. It seems that, with time and grit, there is no challenge you can’t overcome.

How do we know this? This year, PM360 was again inundated with submissions. More than 7,000 votes were cast to select the 42 winners in 14 separate categories. We are excited to present the inventive work of those who possessed the vision to create campaigns that truly connect with their audience. Our cover features the top three overall vote getters—we applaud their achievements and those of all our winners. See why by clicking here.

The changes taking place in our industry can be real head-scratchers. For instance, what do you do to keep up with constant changes in social media and search algorithms—something that could be nightmarish for digital marketers trying to reach and help patients? The answer, according to our feature, When Search Algorithms Change, is adapt, adapt, adapt. And dig in now. Author Gene Fitzpatrick uncovers the glitches, the solutions, and the opportunities that lie ahead as digital marketing continues to evolve.

Rep Advisory Councils are evolving too. We all know sales reps have ever-diminishing access to physicians, but a solid and properly run Council is a huge asset to marketing teams. Sales reps feedback can provide important insights that marketers may not get anywhere else. But to get the best results, author Lee Krauss offers three keys to unlocking Rep Advisory Council potential—which can be unlimited.

In closing, PM360 congratulates our Pharma Choice winners—and we can’t wait to see what you will come up with during 2019. Put on your thinking caps and see if you can outdo yourself—and your competitors. Healthcare has much to gain from your incredible talents.


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