What if there was a book that distilled more than two decades of marketing experience and insights into 230 pages that could potentially help your brand reach its full potential? Well, more than 1,000 life sciences marketers are already set to receive such a book as Klick Health launched its Adaptive Brand Playbook on April 10.

Filled with real-world research, insights, and creative from Klick’s 22 years of experience in the industry as well as interviews from 50 life sciences marketers and a survey of another 200, the book provides a comprehensive, step-by-step blueprint on how to build and activate brands that can adapt and thrive in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving market.

In order to help marketers to see how these strategies could impact their brand, Klick created a hypothetical one. Rellyant is a treatment for Alzheimer’s that is based very much on the current science in the space and is representative of what many marketers have to deal with including efficacy challenges and competition. The book then takes this brand through a five-step process that addresses the following questions: What do we know to be true? What could we do? What should we do? What will we do? How will we do it?

The book also introduces a couple of new concepts to marketers, which Klick hopes will soon become industry vernacular: Moments that matter most and experienced blueprint.

“In each one of these cases, we’re showing how the creative use of data and the creative thinking about what’s possible with new types of information leads to different insights, and how those insights don’t need to be targeted towards a single thing anymore,” explains Managing Director Peter Flaschner. “We want to show we can still come up with a brand concept that’s going to apply forever for the life of a brand across all of its different iterations.”

The idea behind moments that matter most is going beyond the types of personas that the industry normally uses to instead identify specific points in the journey for specific individuals (such as patients, HCPs, or caregivers) that matter the most for them. Then Klick Health maps those moments against the ones that are most important to the brand in order to figure out the things that will provide marketers with the most return on their investment—as well as their effort.

Meanwhile, the experience blueprint travels with the brand throughout the agency and the client to show the core experiences that need to be created in order to help somebody move through their journey, and how all of the tactics and technologies the brand utilizes need to connect in order for that to work. Ultimately, offering a clear vision for how a brand is going to live in a simple and easy to understand way.

“An adaptive brand is grown, not built,” Flaschner said in a statement. “It goes beyond traditional brand planning, medical strategy, and creative inputs because it contains the code necessary to adapt and thrive. An adaptive brand is better on Day 1 because it is built on better insights and it’s expressed with greater relevancy. It will be better on Day 100 because its systems and platforms will have evolved, and it will be better every day thereafter through its life, because it will continue to outperform expectations.”The book is also meant to do more than inform—it is meant to inspire. The book comes showcased in a sleek plexiglass case with an integrated 21-inch HD video screen. When you open the case, an intro video will play that explains a bit behind the purpose of the book. Additionally, once you remove the book from the case you will find a few treats underneath the book, including a charger, notebook, and pen—all Klick branded.

“In our typical Klick fashion, we wanted to do something that was going to be attention-grabbing,” Flaschner says, “and that would demonstrate to the marketers who we work with that we have the ability to create little moments of delight, which is ultimately what they’re looking to do for their own brands.”Everything from the book, to the plexiglass case, to the video screen is completely recyclable. The agency even has a pickup program for the plexiglass case, since not every jurisdiction has recycling for that material. “Of course, we hope people will keep it forever and ever,” Flaschner adds, “but I understand that office space is very limited and sometimes things need to move on.”

Life sciences brand marketers can still request a copy of the Adaptive Brand Playbook online at brandplaybook.klick.com. They can also register for an Adaptive Brand Clinic, a custom two- to three-hour workshop that takes life science brands through a series of exercises to help make them more adaptive and effective in market.